Editorial Services


The skills and experience of a professional proofreader are invaluable to ensure your words are clear and accurate.

We have the time, patience and breadth of knowledge that will enable us to spot all those errors that are missed.

Particularly in the business world, simple errors can turn into embarrassing mistakes. Using one of our proofreaders means you don’t have to worry about howlers creeping in, because we weed them out!


An extension of our proofreading service, editing examines the text in more detail, picking out repetition, inconsistency and poor grammar.

We know just how to edit a document with care and sensitivity without changing the intended meaning or style. The words will still be yours, only presented more clearly and consistently.

We are flexible and are always happy to discuss your aims at the start of every project and offer advice on how best to proceed.


We write copy that engages, informs or entertains your audience, in the tone of voice that gets your message across first time.

Our writing portfolio includes websites, brochures, packaging, adverts, magazine articles, blogs, books for children and adults, sales letters, board games and even quizzes…

We do our research and make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking for before we even put pen to paper.

And, as professional pedants, our copy will be error-free too.
Project Management

If you don’t have time, we do!

We provide a range of project management services for busy professionals and businesses:
  • Project management
  • Document formatting and presentations
  • Setting up Facebook or Twitter pages
  • Data entry and typing
  • Blog writing and social media
  • Transcription
  • Internet research

Contact Us

Quite simply, we love the variety of our work and the opportunity to use our editorial skills – so why not contact us today to find out how our services can help you?
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