In this free guide are ten specific ways in which you can hone your writing style to highlight what you are saying rather than how you say it. 

Follow these basic rules to liven up your writing and ensure your words are communicated to your reader simply and clearly.

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Writing for the web isn't difficult, but it is different to how you write for other forms of communication such as brochures or reports.

In this free guide, we've provided some tips to making the best impact with your website copy and how to write for your reader and for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Available September 2017.

Consistency is key!

Our personalised Copy Style Guide will ensure all your written communications - from a small advert to a business report - is written and presented clearly and consistently. 

Do we use initial capitals for that? Do we hyphenate those words? How we punctuate bullet points again?

Avoid doubts and queries like these in this simple business-friendly guide.


Using social media for business has become a key aspect of effective marketing. It's an instant medium that can draw instant results. However, what your company says and how it says it on social media shouldn't be left to chance. 

It's well-known that making mistakes online is more likely to attract attention than what you are trying to say.

This personalised guide will ensure your social media is planned well and that your staff know the terms you prefer to use and your keywords and hashtags.


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